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Floral Applique

As seen at some of the most beautiful Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 fashion shows like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Chanel, designers have been growing gardens on their clothing by adding beautiful floral applique to their dresses, shoes and bags. It’s time to forget floral print and upgrade to floral applique, a process in which additional fabric is sewn onto a design, creating a decorative 3D effect.

My floral applique shirt dress is by MSGM (same brand here) but I found few other blossoming pieces that you can wear now and into the fall.  Also see below collage of runway looks for inspiration.

So go ahead and replace your prints with these edgier embellishments for haute fashion upgrade:

Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Dress 3 / Dress 4

Italian Fashion

As I walked down 5th avenue in New York city passing Dolce & Gabbana store, I stopped to admire the colors of its window displays and thought about how much this brand and Italian fashion in general influenced my electric fashion style starting in my 20s. (In my 30s, my fashion style was more influenced by Chanel’s black and white, as well as greys and minimalist style of New York City, but that deserves another post).

Meeting my husband at the age of 22 was a beginning of my love affair with him and with Italy. Him being someone who loved soccer, Monica Bellucci and everything Italian 🙂 he took me to many wonderful places in Italy and even proposed to me in Rome. What we loved about Italians is their passion for life, food and fashion. Walking the street of Rome, Florence and Venice I imagined myself as a character in Federico Fellini’s movies or a model in the ads of the fashion magazines. I even mimicked the ad campaign of Dolce & Gabanna perfume Light Blue, photographed by the shore of Capri island.

Dolce & Gabbana’s deep colors, various prints, nautical stripes, as well as all black or all white lace creations took an inspiration from Italy’s prestigious film history. The designers were more concerned about creating the best, most flattering clothes than sparking trends and it feels that they think of a story first and then design the cloths to go with it. This is totally how I think about my styling and what I share on my blog. Other Italian designers that I admire are Gianfranco Ferre, Prada and Roberto Cavalli and I am lucky to be able to collect their pieces over the years.

Check Dolce & Gabanna latest collection here and be sure to check out my other posts on my trips to Italy’s Venice and Florence.

If you would like to get inspired by italian fashion and unique style of Fellini’s cinema, please check latest edition. They helped to restore one of the most iconic films of Italian cinema, “Amarcord” for which Federico Fellini earned an Oscar. Shop the inspired collection here.

As I think about more recent Italian movies, either filmed and/ or directed in Italy, these ones come to mind right away “Malena”, “Only You”, “Under the Tuscan Sun” and one of the most recent ones “Eat, Pray, Love”

If I were to draw an analogy to “Eat, Pray, Love” movie, the “Eat” part of my movie is coming to an end. And no I didn’t book a trip to India yet, but I am stepping into the new chapter of my life where I want to discover who I really am and what is the purpose of my life, “Pray” part of my movie if you will. As shallow as one could think me starting this fashion blog might be, it really opened a door of other opportunities for me, the most important one is finding who I really am and connecting further to that creative source. Being a director of my own beautiful movie, always observing myself from the side or from above, this time around I decided not to write the script (in fact I never did), but to go with the flow and letting my life unfold in more beautiful ways, meeting new people, discovering new places and hoping that my creativity and seeing beauty in many things will inspire many people along the way.

Stay tuned,