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2015 Recap

2015 marked a year of awakening, inspiration and immense growth for me. Starting with a sunrise morning runs on the beach in Mexico, followed by starting my own fashion blog. Then meeting spiritual teachers and spending summer weekends in the mountains with my kids, while reading books and meditating. Then taking an amazing trip to Italy with my husband, all that while being challenged in my finance career, as well as pushed to the limits by my kids, only the next minute showered by their unconditional love.

All that made search for the higher wisdom and a larger vision of life, to get an answer to that restless feeling inside of me that I knew something but forgot. As the pictures from my inspiration folder began to manifest, I started to realize that I create my own reality. I realized that there are no ordinary moments, that my destiny is truly remarkable and beautiful design and it unfolds at its perfect time, even though very often it doesn’t feel that way as I don’t see a big picture.

I am grateful for this year, for everyone who crossed my path, for all new people that I attracted into my life, for all the old friends and family who sincerely rooted for me and those who didn’t.

I know that to discover myself I don’t need to take a trip to Nepal or Peru, I just need to look inside to get all the answers. However I may take those trips anyway, because travel inspires me and expands my thinking, it makes my heart skip a beat when I see unreal sunsets and makes me  emerge in the moment when without rushing anywhere I take my time sipping wine in small cafes, people watch and just enjoy being.

As I look into 2016 I really don’t have any goals as much as to bring fashion inspiration, pass positive vibes, and simply serve as mini escape from an ordinary life with my travel pictures and my random pictures of all things I find beautiful, like the sunrise or a nice pair of shoes 😉

And it will be beautiful if I can pass my energy and inspire someone along the way, and if not, it will be beautiful nevertheless, because it is already perfect for me and that’s enough.

Thank you for joining me on my journey and Happy New Year.

Love, Elena