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New York State of Mind

Everyone has their own idea of what New York fashionable women are like. One may think that all women in New York are dressed like characters from Sex and the City or Gossip Girls. And even though not all New York women wear fabulous cloths and Monolo Blanihk stilettoes like it is portrayed in the movies, majority does have that chic effortless style and here’s the quick guide on how to pull off that New York look.
Mastering the mix
New Yorkers have the high-low mix figured out like no other, mixing brands like H&M, Zara or Topshop with a well-made coat or designer bag—especially ones that can be worn forever. Of course, designer shopping is much sweeter when you don’t pay full price and for that there are many consignment stores, discount designer stores like Century 21 and of course many sample sales.
All Black Everything
New Yorkers love wearing black, mixing different textures and playing with proportion in order to keep this non-color from looking boring. Black never goes out of style and it makes any silhouette sleek and wearable.
Another alternative to black is everything in shades of grey, beige or white. A must-have and a great investment in those colors are coats, shoes and hats.
Leather jackets all year around
Whether you’re uptown or downtown, a leather jacket is never out of place. It gives your outfit a certain edge whether you wear it with jeans or flowy dress. I also like to wear a poncho or a big scarf over a leather jacket for a different look, and when it’s getting even colder I wear a fur vest or stole over the jacket, tied with the belt.
New Yorkers dress for comfort, but always add a nice touch or two and layer strategically. They keep an eye on ever changing weather, when it’s often cold and windy in the morning, then hot and humid in the evening, or it’s 100 degrees on subway platform then it’s freezing in air conditioned subway car. For all those temperature fluctuations scarfs are the best accessory, as well as comfy cardigans and trendy capes
The Statement shoes
In a city where everyone walks everywhere, having the right shoes is non-negotiable. Avoid anything practical but unstylish or stylish but super uncomfortable (unless you have a hot date and need to wear those gorgeous but very painfully high heels, we’ve all been there). I love wearing high heels, but I always stash a pair of back-up flats in my bag. There are endless options that strike the balance.
The “IT” bag
One thing you will never catch a New York woman without is her handbag. It’s a necessary investment that you can’t skimp on. Whether it’s a classic Chanel or a cute tote from Topshop, it’s not about the price, but how it goes with the whole outfit. Neutrals like black, navy, ivory and gray go with anything and make a great investment. For an extra touch, tie a scarf around a handle or attach a furry key chain.
Iconic eyewear
Rain or shine, day or night, stylish eyewear is essential to completing your New York look. It doesn’t matter if you need the sunglasses—all that matters is that you look good wearing them.
Nail it
If one thing is for sure, New York women take grooming pretty seriously and are always well-manicured, have a great haircut and blow-out, bringing entire look together.
Luckily, NYC salons are almost on every block and pretty affordable.
Be yourself!
It’s hard not to feel the energy and be inspired by this amazing city. But the best way to look like you belong in New York is just be yourself! If you want to wear a leopard pants or a colorful flower printed top, but all means let that avant-garde personality of yours shine. New York is where the trends are born so you don’t have to follow any of this, but to follow your own unique style.
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