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Merry Christmas

Feeling the magic of Christmas and basking in love and warmth of my family, friends and our lovely dog. He is been such an amazing addition to our family and we hope in this new year of a Dog, based on Chinese horoscope, he continues to bring us unconditional love and joy. Wishing everyone loving, abundant and miraculous holiday season. Happy Everything, my friends!

PS link to my dress, cause I know you want to know 😉


Red at Met

Standing on the rooftop of Met museum on this gorgeous day overlooking the city. I can’t help but feel the magic with 5 millenniums of art history below me and some around me, replicated by Argentinian artist, and on display till end of the month. You don’t have to be an art history expert to enjoy this whimsical rooftop installation called “Theater of Disappearance”. The sculptures are made out of foam and based on 3D scans of more than 100 real pieces from the museum’s own collection from different centuries and cultures, anywhere from Egypt, Asia and Europe. The artist unexpectedly paired the sculptures in what looks like a chaos after a fun party. I always appreciate artists who have imagination to create something like that and view history from a different perspective. I guess nothing in life ever ends or disappears, it just takes a different form.

The Mark

One of my favorite hotels in New York is The Mark. When I first stepped in the lobby of this amazing place I fell in love. There are many reasons to adore this luxury place: the black and white floors and the whole interior were created by French designers; it houses a flower shop and a famous French book shop Assoulin, with one of a kind fashion publications; it offers an express lift to Bergdorf Goodman for fashionistas like myself; and of course, it offers one of a kind dining experience by one and only Jean-Georges. It was my treat to stay at this luxury hotel for my birthday for a mini stay-cation.

My outfit was inspired by this place, as I am loving bold and textured materials and colors. Red velvet has become my favorite, as seen me wearing red velvet accessories at the fashion week (see post here). My blazer is by JCrew, but few seasons old, they have an amazing velvet blazer in stores now, shop it here. My beret, skinny scarf, pants and top are all from Zara’s older collection, but they make these classics on repeat, so definitely can find something similar in stores now. My round tote is by Vivienne Westwood, but here’s the similar but smaller version of wine color circle wristlet.  And lastly, the sock boots are my must-have this fall, I’ve posted my favorite boots on my fall shopping list here.

NY Fashion Week 2017 Recap

September Fashion Week in New York came to a close and I was very fortunate to be part of it and get a glimpse of the newest collections from established and new emerging designers. It used to be that only people in the fashion industry such as models, editors, buyers, designers and celebrities could attend the runway shows but that recently has changed with fashion bloggers’ growing influence in the industry. Now bloggers are invited to attend the shows, sit in the front row and some even walk the runway.
What also has changed in the fashion week industry in New York is the number of emerging international designers getting their own shows, and to which I was able to get front row seats to. Names like Galtiscopio, Dan Liu, Runa Ray, and my favorite of them Francesca Liberatore, are quickly becoming well-known fashion names.
NYFW is of course first and foremost is a home to big American mega-brands like Michael Kors and Tory Burch, whose collections I loved. My other favorite was Rebecca Minkoff whom I was lucky to meet in person. She held her show right in her boutique which was followed by a party and not a standard shopping spree of her collection right after the show. My other favorite shows were Self-Portrait and Zimmerman, I am a big fan of these two brands for their romantic, one of a kind dresses.
Runway shows aside, the real fall fashion happened on the streets of New York with the street photographers documenting every detail of the outstanding outfits. I wish I could have someone take a picture of me in the back when I was attending the show at Skylight Clarkson Sq Studios, when tens of  photographers jumped to take a picture of me wearing my white lace trench coat with red velvet Chanel bag and Bruno Magli shoes. It was such a surreal moment and it will stay in my memories for a long time.
Since the runway shows demonstrated collections for the Spring/Summer 2018, the real inspiration for the current fall trends came from the streets, when fashionistas walked to the shows, as well as dinners and parties. The most notable trends I liked were short metallic skirts with simple tee and a blazer worn over the shoulders, colorful fitted pantsuits, as well as oversized sweaters. For accessories there was an array of Gucci bags, wide strap cross body bags, berets and flat caps, most inspired by Dior Fall 2017 collections. Satin over the knee boots and sock boots are back in style. Fall transition colors were in the jewel tones of burgundy, emerald, marigold and deep blue.
Aside from attending the shows, what I love fashion week for is the chance to meet with fellow bloggers and share the secrets, ideas, trends and just have a good girl time. It was great to meet beautiful inspirational bloggers at events held by and Blogger and the Brand – the invite-only events that connect the bloggers from New York and all over the world.
Hope you enjoyed following my stories and pictures and here are few links to outfits I wore:


NYFW 2017 – Shopstyle

One of the most exciting events I love to attend during New York Fashion week is the fashion blogger mingle by ShopStyle. So thankful for them for getting all these beautiful creative women together to meet, to shop, to share inspirations, to enjoy NY skyline and to toast this beautiful life.

Few pictures from the event.

To shop my look: Sweater / Skirt / Chanel Shoes (similar here) / Clutch / Shearling coat is vintage Versace (not available anymore)

Hamptons weekend

My birthday weekend getaway to Hamptons.

October has always been for me the most beautiful time of the year and it was a great time to visit Hamptons with my husband. The weather was crisp, making me want to keep my hands in the pocket while we slowly walked the empty streets, breathing it all in. Then we sat in the warm café with a cup of coffee, having a quite conversation and reflecting on this year and remembering funny moments with our kids, it’s funny how you remember them when they are not around. Once we walked some more and took a few pictures here and there, we bumped into the book store and I couldn’t help not to walk in. I admired its owners attention to detail and their big pride, that in this electronic age they still have the actual book store. There’s nothing like holding a real book in your hands, sitting on the window bench, losing yourself in the story. As I browsed through some books, I wondered what it takes for someone to write a book, knowing that it could impact the life of some reader.

Later that day we biked around island without a map, letting the road lead us to wherever, taking some breaks to sit on the bench.
We then had a dinner by the fireplace at Baron’s Cove, a small boutique hotel on the water, where we stayed for a night.

When I woke up on my birthday I felt a new energy coming through me and I knew it will be a great day. It was gloomy in the morning, but when we came to the beach it felt that the sun came out just for me, reflecting so beautifully on the water. And those low fluffy white and grey clouds were adding character to my pictures. I walked in the ocean with my bare feet, feeling like a child, and then sat on the sand into mediation, feeling like a thousand year old lady with so much wisdom that I was now able to tap into.

Then as I was walking the empty beach enjoying the company of my husband, he said “stop”, as a huge Rottweiler was running towards me (he knows I am afraid of big dogs, being bitten while I was a child). For a second I felt that deep fear surfacing from my subconsciousness and then I heard a voice inside my head “you are not afraid of it anymore, there’s nothing to be afraid”. As the dog approached us it leaned on the ground, waging its tale and leaking my feet. And I felt love. (Facing my fears deserves a separate post, or chapter, or whole book to be written)

Our hotel also provided us with a wine tasting to Wolffer Estate winery. The place reminded me of wineries in Tuscany. The beautiful villa in terracotta colors offered its visitors great selection of wines and views of the wine fields. There were surprisingly many people but it was so quite. I think everyone were in awe. Young couples on the date, obviously happy with their choice of each other, as well as older couples who you could see appreciated each other’s company and projected certain warmth towards each other for staying together for so long.

We sat there for hours. This is the type of place where you can sit in silence with your loved one and feel like you had the best conversation. I felt so much gratitude towards my husband for his love and being by my side, just sitting there, dreaming and feeling that everything is possible. And I told him that once we get home I am going to write a letter to my younger self, telling her not to worry about anything, that one day I will see a bigger picture and I’ll be able to receive everything that life has to offer…

To be continued…

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Holidays in New York

The holidays are all about traditions and for me it means going to Manhattan to Rockefeller center to admire the stunning Christmas tree with my family, and then walk the 5th avenue and enjoy magical window displays at my favorite Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.
So here’s us enjoying ourselves and marveling at some of New York’s dreamiest holiday windows.
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