Early Morning in Italy

Finally got a chance to go through my pictures from Italy and was planning to write a post on the blog and then stopped, thinking what do I really want to share…
If I were to give one travel advice for anyone going to Italy, or anywhere for that matter, is to experience the city at the sunrise. Every city I visited – Rome, Florence, Venice, it was an amazing experience to see those ancient cities waking up, before all the residents and tourists fill their narrow streets and grand plazas later in the day. The early morning is a time when you know precisely why so many great artists and poets found these cities so inspiring. They are reflecting, magical, even mystical, and full of stories of all the people that walked them for hundreds of years before us. You can’t help but feel yourself in a different lifetime, the feeling was so consuming to me that I wondered who I was and what I did to deserve to live this life here and now and see all this beauty. I wanted to freeze the time and remember how I felt that moment – grateful for this life and in great compassion for myself. I promise you’ll feel the same if you give yourself a gift to appreciate the sunrise and get connected with the place and with yourself. All answers are within.

PS pictures are taken at Spanish steps in Rome and St Marco Square in Venice – the rare case of them being empty (not counting the pigeons), only in the early morning