Iceland (part 3)

About three years ago in my dreams and meditations I stared to have visions of black and white images appearing on a screen, as though I am watching myself in a movie. Sometimes they appear so fast as though someone is rewinding the tape back or forward. It feels as though I enter an alternative reality, so mystical yet so real. In one of those dreams I saw myself walking in the white beautiful gown on the black rocky beach.

In my metaphysical and spiritual studies I’ve been reading and discovering a lot about how Universe works and how reality is created. Some say that we are creators of our own reality, that we attract it with our thoughts. But I wonder how these thoughts come to our minds in the first place. Who am “I” when I dream these images? Am I the one who came up with the image and then went to create it? Or this image already existed in some non-linear time of another realm and the veil was unveiled for me to see it? It’s very hard for the human mind to understand this concept, it just doesn’t have that capacity. I don’t think human mind creates anything, though mine been so thirsty for answers. Many world known scientists and artists in history – Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Mendeleev, Copernicus, Van Gogh, Tesla – admitted that they’ve dreamed their discoveries, that they “came” to them when they were not thinking, when they were dreaming. I believe they plain and simple channeled them from a different realm where there’s no linear time, where everything in Creation (what we call past, present and future) happens at the same time.

So when I came to the Black Sand beach in Iceland, I knew in some deep part of my being that I’ve already been there before. The sensations were vague, but unwavering. I felt the presence of my spirit guides and I felt I was in my dream I watched before, being whisked off into another dimension. My senses were amplified though I felt absolutely no cold as the gusting freezing winds were blowing off my body. I knew that the pictures my husband was taking of me would transcend this mystical realm. I knew at that moment that something extraordinary was being created, orchestrated by the Universe, with us playing as its actors in the beautiful unreal scenery of the black rocks standing there for eons of years and the sound of wind and ocean waves crashing the shore of black lava sand mixed with snow. All I could feel at that moment was love, grace and magic of Divine living through me. And I smiled because I knew that someone was dreaming me right now.