Iceland (part 2)

Our flight to Iceland was canceled last Friday because of the storm in New York and rescheduled to the following day. As we were driving back home from JFK I was sitting in the taxi wondering why did it happen. I stopped being disappointed or angry at those type of things (i.e. traffics, missed trains, canceled appointments) some time ago. I believe in bigger picture and synchronicity of events in my life. I know that absolutely everything happens for a reason and I am always exactly were I am supposed to be. As we were driving in the taxi I got a thought to google “Iceland vortex” as I believe this country has those special energy places and mystical cosmic portals. The name Snaefellsjokull with this description came up: “For quite a lot of locals the symbolic Snaefellsjokull mountain is a mecca for purity and inspiration. Indeed, some say the glacier is one of the seven most important cosmic centers on the earth. Even the uninitiated often feel “something” in the vicinity of Snaefellsjokull”
I felt instantaneously that I had to reschedule my flight back and go to that place. So on the last day of our trip we went on the road early in the morning to drive almost 3 hours each way to the most western point of Iceland. There were no civilization in sight for hours, just an open vast landscape with snow covered mountains, frozen rivers, some farms, few abandoned houses and those majestic Icelandic horses. And then we saw IT. The glacier mountain overlooking the Greenland sea and the two huge stones. The legend says that volcano erupted and some of the land went under water, leaving these two to stay behind. From the road they looked like pillars of the gate to some other realm. Two trolls, maybe a couple representing masculine and feminine, one actually looking like Sphinx from the water. Maybe this place is part of the lost civilization of Atlantis. I really don’t know. But what I felt for sure that it was a special place where one can tap into their own higher dimensional selves. Everything appeared in a different hue, I was mesmerized. I didn’t even need to sit down to meditate, I just instantly felt a heightened reality. I believe it will take some time for me to realize and unpack all the gifts this pure land has given me. For now I am just going to keep it in my heart and share its beauty through my eyes.