Lookback to 2017

It’s the first weekend of 2018, it’s freezing cold outside after a snow storm that hit New York. I am sitting at my kitchen table, aka my office desk, thinking and dreaming about places I’d like to visit and a new content I want to create this year. There are so many dreams and ideas swirling in my mind, teasing me and exciting me.

But before this year takes over I’d like to look back and reflect on 2017 and share the things I’ve learned from my experiences and realizations that got me to where I am today.

The turning of the year is usually a great time when we make resolutions – to lose weight, to achieve our next goal (bigger house, better paid job), to be better with our finances, or to be more present with our kids, just to name a few. A few years ago I was making the same resolution lists, writing and re-writing them, only to realize, that for the most part, they don’t work at all or work for a limited time.  Why? Because the root of all our dissatisfaction and frustration comes from self-judgement. We constantly compare ourselves to others, we blame ourselves for not being smart enough or pretty enough, we hate growing older and getting out of shape in our bodies. And it all comes from not knowing who we really are and not realizing that the only thing that is real is the present moment, available for us to enjoy, if we stop complaining and comparing. Unfortunately, in our culture we are taught to compete and not be comfortable with where we are and always strive for more, only “more” is always defined by material things.

But what I know now is what we all are seeking for is the connection to our true authentic Selves, our souls and for finding the meaning to our lives.

So as we are entering this new year, I would like to invite you to practice few things from my, not 2018, but Lifetime resolution list:

  1. Forgive yourself for “not making it”, for “not being there”, for “not being good enough”. You are exactly where you need to be at the present moment.
  2. Spend alone time with yourself : meditate, sit in silence, walk in the park, listen to a soft music, read an inspiring book, take a shower in complete darkness, wake up with the sunset, end the day with the gratitude.  All these things helped me to protect my heart and connect with myself, and I do most of them each day.
  3. Start listening to your body. Everyone knows that sleep, exercise and healthy eating is key to healthy life. But the key that I uncovered that loving your body with all its imperfections is the key. Feeding it with the most nutrient rich food, detoxifying and giving your digestive system breaks with weekly fasting, relaxing with meditation, and just filling yourself with positive thoughts.
  4. Engage in creative process, whatever it is for you- writing, painting, composing, singing, dancing, cooking, taking photographs. When we emerge into creative process, we inevitably connect to something larger than us, that can bring new insights, unfold our soul, heal us and shift our prescriptive.
  5. Live life with no expectations. Someone recently asked me what my expectations are with my blog and what my plans are to attract followers and brand collaborations and I replayed that I have absolutely none and that I want to surprise myself and trust that Life take me places.
  6. Stop blaming others – parents, spouses, coworkers, government, situations, traffics, bad weather, rude strangers on the street. Remember that our reality is the reflection of our inner world. So all the people and situations in our lives are attracted by our thought patterns from our conscious and subconscious mind. So unless we look within and change, we will keep attracting the same situations.
  7. Stand by your own personal truth. People will always give you advice on what they think is right. They will put doubts into what you can and can not do. They do it from their level of awareness, which may not always align with yours. Always follow your own intuition.
  8. Let go of any attachment to things, people and outcome. Life is constantly changing and moving, don’t let things get hold of you.
  9. Express gratitude. I forgot when it was last time I asked for anything in my prayer. The only prayer I know and say these days is Thank you.
  10. Love yourself as it is the most significant relationship of your life.

Thank you for reading and I hope you resonate with what I shared with you.

If you want to read the books that expanded my consciousness, changed my perception and made me connect with myself, please check out my Amazon page.

Love and light your way.