“Venice is a city that has the sea for its floor, the sky for its roof and the flow of waters for the walls” – B. da Signa.

It’s true that all cities in the world are more or less similar to one another, but Venice is unlike any other. I keep going through my pictures and admire this gorgeous gem and what an amazing time we had in Venice. When I first saw Venice few years ago, visiting with my husband, I was in complete awe and in love. This time I brought my kids, as I wanted to share with them my feelings for this beautiful place. My husband taught them a lot about its 1500 years old history, the legends, the carnival, the history behind the main monuments. But what I wanted them truly to experience (and I know they are young and may not fully appreciate it now) but the eternal beauty and uniqueness of this city. They may not remember exact dates and events in history, but they’ll remember the grandness of St Marco square and how much fun they had feeding the pigeons – it’s local residents. They will remember our walks on narrow streets surrounded by water, the gondola rides, the reflecting canals, the hidden courtyards, the mysterious islands, and the beautiful ornate buildings that looked like they were suspended between water and the sky. I really wanted them to be amazed and appreciate the beauty, to ask questions and be curious. And by the look on the faces I knew that we succeeded.