My birthday weekend getaway to Hamptons.

October has always been for me the most beautiful time of the year and it was a great time to visit Hamptons with my husband. The weather was crisp, making me want to keep my hands in the pocket while we slowly walked the empty streets, breathing it all in. Then we sat in the warm café with a cup of coffee, having a quite conversation and reflecting on this year and remembering funny moments with our kids, it’s funny how you remember them when they are not around. Once we walked some more and took a few pictures here and there, we bumped into the book store and I couldn’t help not to walk in. I admired its owners attention to detail and their big pride, that in this electronic age they still have the actual book store. There’s nothing like holding a real book in your hands, sitting on the window bench, losing yourself in the story. As I browsed through some books, I wondered what it takes for someone to write a book, knowing that it could impact the life of some reader.

Later that day we biked around island without a map, letting the road lead us to wherever, taking some breaks to sit on the bench.
We then had a dinner by the fireplace at Baron’s Cove, a small boutique hotel on the water, where we stayed for a night.

When I woke up on my birthday I felt a new energy coming through me and I knew it will be a great day. It was gloomy in the morning, but when we came to the beach it felt that the sun came out just for me, reflecting so beautifully on the water. And those low fluffy white and grey clouds were adding character to my pictures. I walked in the ocean with my bare feet, feeling like a child, and then sat on the sand into mediation, feeling like a thousand year old lady with so much wisdom that I was now able to tap into.

Then as I was walking the empty beach enjoying the company of my husband, he said “stop”, as a huge Rottweiler was running towards me (he knows I am afraid of big dogs, being bitten while I was a child). For a second I felt that deep fear surfacing from my subconsciousness and then I heard a voice inside my head “you are not afraid of it anymore, there’s nothing to be afraid”. As the dog approached us it leaned on the ground, waging its tale and leaking my feet. And I felt love. (Facing my fears deserves a separate post, or chapter, or whole book to be written)

Our hotel also provided us with a wine tasting to Wolffer Estate winery. The place reminded me of wineries in Tuscany. The beautiful villa in terracotta colors offered its visitors great selection of wines and views of the wine fields. There were surprisingly many people but it was so quite. I think everyone were in awe. Young couples on the date, obviously happy with their choice of each other, as well as older couples who you could see appreciated each other’s company and projected certain warmth towards each other for staying together for so long.

We sat there for hours. This is the type of place where you can sit in silence with your loved one and feel like you had the best conversation. I felt so much gratitude towards my husband for his love and being by my side, just sitting there, dreaming and feeling that everything is possible. And I told him that once we get home I am going to write a letter to my younger self, telling her not to worry about anything, that one day I will see a bigger picture and I’ll be able to receive everything that life has to offer…

To be continued…

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New York fashion week just ended and what a week it’s been. I tried to attend or follow online all the runway shows, but the real fashion happened not on the runway, but on the streets of New York.

Long gone the days where all fashion shows were held at Bryant Park and attended only by celebrities and people in the fashion industry – buyers and magazine editors. Now the shows are held all over the city – Tommy Hilfiger closed down the Pier and had carnival type show, Rebecca Minkoff closed out the Green Street and had not just models but fashion bloggers parade right on the street. The role of  “new media”, aka fashion bloggers and influencers was taking to a whole new level, as they were occupying front rows of every show and were the most popular with street photographers.

I had fun attending two Fashion blogger events held by Shop Style and Rewards Style. Getting dressed up and going to mingle with beautiful people, all while sipping champagne, taking pictures, getting makeup and cloths to borrow – what not to like. Style wise, I have not seen a single blogger carrying an obvious brand name bag like Hermes or Chanel. Everyone went for originality by carrying unique small clutches or embellished bucket bags or mini top handles bags. Ruffles were seen everywhere- on pastel color dresses and off the shoulder tops. Bold jewelry such as a statement necklace or long bold earrings reminded me of Samantha from Sex and the City. Although it was super hot in NY during fashion week, bloggers were transitioning into the fall with block heel ankle boots in black or metallic colors or burgundy velvet shoes (or these shoes named after my favorite Russian fashionista Mira Duma). Jacket of choice remains bomber jacket, some are embellished with flowers. Flower embroidered outwear is also very popular, I scored my yellow flower cape by N21 brand from Century21 at amazing price, but Zara and Forever 21 have flower and bird embroidered jackets at reasonable prices.  Wide leg pants with side buttons and metallic pleated skirts are another street style favorites. And of course layering – that’s what stylists and bloggers do best – cami silk dresses or pinstripe bustiers over white button down shirt, accessorized with black velvet chokers and show stopper shoes were most popular.

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New York Fashion week is over, but the street style lives on :)

St Tropez was everything I thought of and so much more. A little coastal town in the South of France is big on glamour, luxury, exclusive beaches and vibrant night life. I loved laid-back vibe with great food and chill music at Club les Palmiers and I loved decor and ambience of L’Opera restaurant. I loved walking narrow cobblestone streets lined up with local designer boutiques and admiring local artists drawing sunsets at yacht-lined port.

Every corner made a great photo opportunity.

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Taking it back today to my amazing trip to French Riviera just a month ago. What a gorgeous coast- Nice, Cannes, St Tropez, Eze village. Just thinking about their beautiful beaches, colorful buildings, cute cafes, best seafood and Rose wine, makes me want to go back . Every corner made a perfect photo op and I am sharing them with you here.

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If you love to be inspired you’ll be in heaven in Paris. The creativity is so abundant, no wonder so many artists and writers lived and worked here. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be Woody Allen or Karl Lagerfeld or Ernest Hemingway for a day, to create like they did. The energy and beauty of the place will stay with me in my memories and pictures and I am sharing them here.
Since I claim to be a fashion blogger, let’s talk about just that. It amazes me how Parisian women always seem to know how to put together an effortless look and for that they certainty have a sense of style and of course an endless array of boutiques and departments stores.
Quick review on few areas that I shopped at:
1. Arrondissement 8 – Avenue Montaigne is home to high end legendary designers like Chanel and Hermes, as well as lavish houses, restaurants and hotels, such Hotel Plaza Athenee, which got its new kind of fame from Sex and the City movie. It’s a glamorous area to walk around, stop by coffee and macaron at Laduree and do some window shopping. If you are up for some serious shopping, quick tip – make sure to make an appointment in the morning if you are planning to shop bags in Hermes. When I went to the store in the afternoon and asked to see a bag, they looked at me like I was from another planet as I was without appointment and all bags were sold out for the day :)
2. Arrondissement 4 – Marais is packed with sexy cafes and stylish stores, here you can find high quality local designers, vintage stores, antiques and handcrafted jewelry. For lunch stop by restaurant Georges which is located on the top floor of Pampidou Center for an outstanding views of Paris and some champagne and foie gras.
3. Arrondissement 7 – St Germain was once home to many publishing houses and was a popular area for writters and intellectuals, who haunted local cafes such as Café Fiore and Bon Monmarte. It later attracted fashion houses like Balmain and Sonia Rykiel, who even decorated its boutique as a library and a book cafe. Make sure to also check out book store Assouline for some one-of-a kind fashion books to buy or just browse sitting on the bench by the window facing the garden. What a treat!
St Germain is also home to Bon Marche department store. I don’t usually shop at department stores, although I enjoyed full floor of designer kids collections at Galleries Lafayette and I enjoyed shoe shopping at Bon Marche (Great sales in July, you can get a nice pair of Chanel shoes for 300 Euros)
It is always a difficult decision choosing which of Paris’s arrodissments to explore and stay at, each offering something different. I did enjoy these 3 arrodissments the most for their creative appeal and a wide variety of little parks, unexpected corners, hidden quartiers, beautiful window displays, boutiques, hotels and restaurants. That’s the Paris I love the most.
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One of my favorite accessory of all time is a scarf. It can brighten up any neutral outfit, as well as can keep you warm or hide imperfections.

It can be worn many different ways – skinny around a neck or wide and tied with the belt. I also like tying it on my bag or hat, as well as around my wrist or an ankle. I also wear it as a top on a hot summer day or wrapped around the waist over the swimsuit.

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