Time is luxury

I am always looking for unique accessories to wear and more so lately natural and feel good on my skin jewelry, like crystals and wood. So when I saw this JORD wooden watch I fell in love. Wood watches by JORD are the finest luxury all-natural wooden watches that are hand-crafted by artists. What a unique piece to wear and keep me grounded, in the present moment and on time, in my busy ever-changing New York life. I don’t just wear a watch that tells me time, I wear a watch to accessorize and complete my whole look. What I also like about this watch is its masculine look and feel, which balances my usually romantic style. It goes well with my ladylike accessories such as gloves, scarfs and miniature bags.

This watch also makes a great gift, especially for upcoming holidays, so be sure to add it to your own wish list or to gift it to the special person in your life. Holidays are such a perfect time to give someone you care about the gift from the heart.

Shop it now and get instant 25% discount if you shop at his link. https://www.woodwatches.com/g/devouture

You will find that the brand carries various styles and shapes, and offers many unique color combinations of the face of the watch as well as hue and depth of the natural wood.  The brand also offers custom engraving for that super personal touch.

To complete the look : sweater / jeans / round bag

I am so looking forward to the holiday season and be sure to share more of my favorite items with you.


Blanket Scarf

It’s a perfect time of the year to get a plaid scarf. Use it as a blanket on a cozy day at home or as a scarf over turtleneck or leather jacket to keep you warm and stylish. It makes a great travel companion and became a staple in my wardrobe.

My picks: COS / JCrew / ASOS / Nordstrom

Red at Met

Standing on the rooftop of Met museum on this gorgeous day overlooking the city. I can’t help but feel the magic with 5 millenniums of art history below me and some around me, replicated by Argentinian artist, and on display till end of the month. You don’t have to be an art history expert to enjoy this whimsical rooftop installation called “Theater of Disappearance”. The sculptures are made out of foam and based on 3D scans of more than 100 real pieces from the museum’s own collection from different centuries and cultures, anywhere from Egypt, Asia and Europe. The artist unexpectedly paired the sculptures in what looks like a chaos after a fun party. I always appreciate artists who have imagination to create something like that and view history from a different perspective. I guess nothing in life ever ends or disappears, it just takes a different form.

The Mark

One of my favorite hotels in New York is The Mark. When I first stepped in the lobby of this amazing place I fell in love. There are many reasons to adore this luxury place: the black and white floors and the whole interior were created by French designers; it houses a flower shop and a famous French book shop Assoulin, with one of a kind fashion publications; it offers an express lift to Bergdorf Goodman for fashionistas like myself; and of course, it offers one of a kind dining experience by one and only Jean-Georges. It was my treat to stay at this luxury hotel for my birthday for a mini stay-cation.

My outfit was inspired by this place, as I am loving bold and textured materials and colors. Red velvet has become my favorite, as seen me wearing red velvet accessories at the fashion week (see post here). My blazer is by JCrew, but few seasons old, they have an amazing velvet blazer in stores now, shop it here. My beret, skinny scarf, pants and top are all from Zara’s older collection, but they make these classics on repeat, so definitely can find something similar in stores now. My round tote is by Vivienne Westwood, but here’s the similar but smaller version of wine color circle wristlet.  And lastly, the sock boots are my must-have this fall, I’ve posted my favorite boots on my fall shopping list here.

Fall shopping list

Here are the trends I am loving and shopping for this fall:

  1. Sock boots

2. Military style coats…again 🙂

3. Statement coat in color and texture

4. Headwear – Beret

Italy travel style

Thank you for following my Italian getaway. As promised I am sharing links to items I wore on the trip that are still available online or very similar in style. I am working on post with detailed itinerary and will be posting soon.

Ciao, Elena


“Venice is a city that has the sea for its floor, the sky for its roof and the flow of waters for the walls” – B. da Signa.

It’s true that all cities in the world are more or less similar to one another, but Venice is unlike any other. I keep going through my pictures and admire this gorgeous gem and what an amazing time we had in Venice. When I first saw Venice few years ago, visiting with my husband, I was in complete awe and in love. This time I brought my kids, as I wanted to share with them my feelings for this beautiful place. My husband taught them a lot about its 1500 years old history, the legends, the carnival, the history behind the main monuments. But what I wanted them truly to experience (and I know they are young and may not fully appreciate it now) but the eternal beauty and uniqueness of this city. They may not remember exact dates and events in history, but they’ll remember the grandness of St Marco square and how much fun they had feeding the pigeons – it’s local residents. They will remember our walks on narrow streets surrounded by water, the gondola rides, the reflecting canals, the hidden courtyards, the mysterious islands, and the beautiful ornate buildings that looked like they were suspended between water and the sky. I really wanted them to be amazed and appreciate the beauty, to ask questions and be curious. And by the look on the faces I knew that we succeeded.

Under the Tuscan sun

One of my favorite days in Italy was a day we drove around Tuscany, stopping at the hillside villages and various wineries. We were based in Siena for a couple of days, which we found very convenient to explore Tuscany. We stayed in a cute boutique hotel Italia just outside the city walls. It was very affordable, had great breakfast and easy parking by the hotel (the cars are not allowed within most of the walled-out cities in Tuscany). We walked inside the city, visited its famous gorgeous Duomo and had one the best dinners with red wines of Montepulciano. The next day we drove south from Siena towards beautiful valley called Val d’Orcia, driving through the towns of Asciano and Montepulciano. It is such a picturesque ride with wavy hills, cypress trees, wheat fields and unlimited blue sky.

We stopped at Pienza town (or village to be exact) for some coffee, desert and cheese tasting, the most famous cheese in that area is Pecorino. The town, like all towns in Tuscany, is located on the hill and surrounded by the wall.  Following Pienza we drove to town of Montalcino, stopping by wineries to taste Brunello di Montalcino wine, which is now my personal favorite. At home in New York I often drink Montepulciano wine and we’ve done Chianti region wine tour on our previous trips to Italy (that’s north from Siena). This time around we tried a different route and wine from a different sort of grape and we were pleasantly surprised. To try Brunello wine, I highly recommend stopping Val di Cava and Casanova de Neri wineries. There are ~140 wineries in that small region and I am sure they are all great, but these two caught our attention on the road and we decided to stop by.  Following the wine tasting, we were ready for lunch which we had right in town of Montalcino at a local Osteria. This village is also located on the hill and provides an extraordinary view of Tuscan valley. We spend a lazy afternoon walking the streets and squares, grabbing coffee for us and gelato for kids.

I hope this gives you a good idea on what to enter into your GPS when you’ll be in that region driving around. And without any further write-up my pictures tell a good story of our wonderful day and experience.